The iPod Year in Review 2005: Year of the iPod, or iPod Decade?

Was 2005 the “Year of the iPod?” Or are we in the middle of “The iPod Decade?” Share your thoughts in the Comments thread below!

We knew that Apple Computer had done well for itself when we published last year’s iPod Year in Review 2004, but you need only skim that earlier article to see how much things have changed for the better. With only a few exceptions, Apple has trumped all expectations for 2005, evolving the iPod, trivializing its competitors, enhancing iTunes and the Music Store, and expanding iPod retail availability on a global scale to meet ever-increasing demand.

We’ve already covered this year’s factual milestones in our Brief History of iPod & iTunes feature, so now we’ll take a more opinionated look back at what went right and wrong in 2005, then look forward to what is likely to happen in 2006. Use the “Click here for the story” buttons below to read as much or as little as you prefer.

iPod & iTunes: Chasing Remaining Niches (Click here for the story.)

Growth of the Accessory Market (Click here for the story.)

Putting Competitors Out to Pasture (Click here for the story.)

What’s Next? (Click here for the story.)

Year of the iPod? The iPod Decade?

This has been a great year for the iPod, iTunes, and fans of Apple products – so much so that it’s tempting to call 2005 “the year of the iPod.” But with each passing month, we’re feeling increasingly confident that we’re in the middle of the “the iPod Decade,” a dynasty that’s not slowing down yet, and only going to get more popular in 2006.

The iPod Year in Review 2005: Year of the iPod, or iPod Decade?

Do you feel the same? Different? Let us know in the Comments section below. We hope you’ve enjoyed this look back at 2005, and we’re looking forward to sharing our excitement in an even more amazing 2006.

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