The latest new iPod rumors


Q: My friends have been saying that Apple is gearing up to release a new iPod. Is this true? If so, what’s new about it?

– Sujay

A: We’ve been getting multiple copies of this question every day for a couple weeks now, and so we’ll briefly address it:

Quite frankly, there’s always something new coming. iLounge doesn’t know anything more than the average consumer, but current rumors still indicate a ‘true’ video iPod—perhaps with one large touchscreen covering the entire front surface—is due to arrive by the holiday shopping season, but as always, nobody will know for sure until it appears.

With this in mind, our recommendation to potential iPod buyers is always to evaluate the current iPod lineup to see how it meets your needs as it stands today. If you feel the current iPods are worth the money for what you need them for today, then a new iPod being released in the near (or not-so near) future shouldn’t have an impact on that.

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