Top Ten Things You Wanted to Know About the 5G iPod

Top Ten Things You Wanted to Know About the 5G iPod 1

Editor’s Note: We now have two Top Ten articles up on the 5G iPod: this one, and Top Ten Things Techies Wanted to Know About the 5G iPod.

10. As first introduced in iPod nano, on-screen lyric display is supported, and the text is more readable than before.

9. In addition to appearing in your Videos library, music videos appear as songs in your audio music library, and play back there in audio-only form. They’re indicated with video icons. Clicking through with the center button gives you a single still image from the video (generated by iTunes), not the full video.

8. New photo transition effects do in fact include realtime 3-D. Cube effects, derived from iPhoto for the Mac, are simple but do look nice. Page flip looks even better.

7. Apple has done a mediocre job of updating the iPod’s interface for the new, larger display. In addition to the copious amounts of white space now on every screen, icons such as the upper right corner battery indicator are a bit smaller than before because they weren’t scaled upwards.


6. Videos look surprisingly good on the screen, which is very clear, well-lit, and easily viewed from literally any angle. It is a major contrast with the screen on Creative’s Zen Vision, which looks bad from any angle except straight on, and has an odd reflective, shimmering quality even when viewed properly.



5. The optional video widescreen mode actually works, if videos have been formatted properly. Our gallery will contain shots of the same movie playing in widescreen and non-widescreen modes. In one, the full screen is used with cropping, in the other, black bars appear on screen. The video is regrettably small in widescreen mode, but still very viewable.

4. The case that comes with each 5G iPod is thin neoprene, very similar to the iPod nano armband. It’s gray on the outside, white on the inside, regardless of the color of iPod you buy. An iPod fits inside completely.



3. You’ll be surprised by the thinness and lightness of the new iPods. Both models (30GB and 60GB) are thinner and lighter than the past color 20GB iPod, and they cannot support themselves standing up on their bottom edges.



2. So far, our black unit is not showing scratches. We’re surprised. Nor is our white one. But give it a couple of days.

1. Will color 4G owners want to upgrade? If they’re gadget fanatics, our initial feeling is that the temptation is going to be surprisingly strong based on looks alone, even if it’s not satisfying spec or capacity-wise. It is very much worth seeing in person. If they’re not gadget fanatics? Our initial feeling is probably not. But we’ll have more to say on this soon.


  1. what i don’t get is why anyone would care about how light it is. size, yes, is understandable, but if for some readon the old ipods are too heavy for you, then, well, you have problems

  2. Wait — I don’t understand #9. If you buy a video from ITMS, you can’t watch it on the iPod? You can only listen?

  3. I’m confused by that, too. If so, Apple’s U2 ad is misleading. Plus, who wants to buy a music video if I can’t watch it on the road? That’s much more appealing than watching a TV show or movie on the road. Please clarify, iLounge.

  4. Videos play in the Video menu. Audio tracks from music videos play in the Music menu. I’ve clarified the point in the article. 🙂

  5. I got my black 30GB 5G today and have to say it’s the most beautiful iPod I’ve seen. IMO, it’s even more impressive than the nano simply due to the wider, brighter screen. It’s really striking. Also, from a design standpoint, I like the smaller scroll wheel. It, along with the screen, give the overall impression that the new iPod much wider than it really is. Most of my friends who have seen it don’t believe it’s the same width as before.

    And for all the naysayers who said the screen is too small to watch video, they’re wrong. Sure, a nicer screen would be swell, but this one is very watchable. Very crisp and bright. Just beautiful.

  6. A couple of questions:
    I have hundreds of music vids, some are slightly larger than 320×240 (H.264 format), can I put them on and will it scale them down or do I have to resize them all?

    Can I mix audio with video?
    when I go to the gym I will want to set up a playlist that will play some video but some songs I only have the audio for, will it mix them (the review only says that it will play the audio from them, but I want it to mix them)

  7. Er, hey, wait a minute. Did they drop support for any kind of inline remote, or is there a new dock-connector based remote that I’m not seeing? I hope they havn’t dropped it entirely. Seems like very few people actually use it and the wire clutter is a downside, but I hate the idea of having to dig around for the pod in my bag every time I want to change the volume or pause the music.

  8. Lots of talk about video resolution and MP4 conversion and television picture quality, but does anyone feel we’ve lost more than we’ve gained with all this talk about what are basically animated postage-stamps? The iPod is still the coolest way to listen to music out in real life and to reduce my vision to a 2.5 inch screen is not adding to my experience–it’s reducing it to little more than a miniaturized MTV delivery-system.

  9. I really love Apple’s new iPod for several reasons.

    The larger screen (9 lines of text, and you can see longer strings of text, etc.), and the size… it is a lot thinner than the one inch thick 40gb photo i have right now.

    As for the movies and stuff, i am settled with watching episodes of family guy or the simpsons on it that i can encode with quicktime. That would be cool for bus rides to school, etc. If I want to watch movies, id rather watch the DVD.

    p.s. it is dubbed iPod video not iPod movie for a reason… lol

  10. I know firewire isn’t supported for song transfers, but can you power/charge the iPod by firewire?

    I usually have my 3G plugged into the wall, rather than my iMac, and it would be nice to continue to use my old firewire based power adaptor rather than have to shell out for a new one when I get a new iPod.

  11. p.p.s I’m pretty sure that it’s just dubbed the iPod, not the iPod video. I have read people refer to it as the iPod WITH video, 5G iPod (video) or the iPod that supports video but be clear that it is simply just the iPod.

  12. How many lines of text can displayed in the notes?
    Is there still a note size limit?
    If u choose to convert DVDs at higher rates (you can read that in the tutorials) do you end with better TV playback?

  13. #3 is a 60GB.

    The 60GB’s battery lasted for 3 hours, 23 minutes of on-screen playback, better by 23 minutes than Apple’s estimate. The 30GB’s battery lasted for 3 hours, 10 minutes of on-TV playback, better by 1 hour 10 minutes than Apple’s estimate, though the company did not provide numbers specifically for on-TV viewing. We’ll have more details on these results soon.

  14. Can someone tell me what happens if you have say an H.264 .mov file in iTunes that is like 640×480? Does the iPod scale it or do I need to export it at 320×240 for it to work with the iPod?

  15. I wonder if with the new 5GB iPods (expecially the 60GB model wich Apple declares to last longer) is possibile to backup a 4 gigabytes memory card using the camera connector. Actually my iPod Photo (30GB) “dies” approx after transferring 2 gigs of photos. Has anyone tried to connect the Photo Connector to see how long it lasts? Thanks! Lorenzo

  16. The 30GB model is thinner than an iPod mini – so will it fit onto the dock connector of imMini speakers? (Granted, I may have to shave off the two little plastic pegs on the dock connector…)

  17. I’ve ordered my 60G Ipod and waiting for delivery, (It takes a couple of weeks to get to Iraq). Now I want to convert all my videos to a Format playable on it. I have WMV, and AVI and DIVX etc. What is the best way, best program to convert all the different video formats to one playable on the Ipod? I can’t wait to show up at my folks house and plug my new Ipod to the tv and show all the videos i’ve made of the kids through the years.

  18. i cant find this answer anywhere…the new itunes lets you add videos into it under the videos tab…if you can add it to itunes can you put it on the video ipod?????

  19. I just hope someone comes up with a remote for it. Not having a remote it one thing that would make buy something else, 1 not having a remote means you have to get it out if you want to change tracks or volume. 2. Lets all nasty people see what your using. 3. When it’s freezing cold and raining who wants to get the ipod out and mess about with it?. Just load the pod up slip it in an ipod sock and stick it in the pocket and forget about it.

  20. I’m pretty sure it means they show up in both the audio and video library, but don’t automatically play video if you’re just shuffling in the audio library.

  21. No, no peoples. It means you can watch the video, or play just the song from the video. Which is nice because you can add the song to your On-The-Go playlist for example.

  22. PLEASE somone tell me that mpeg4 videos are gonna be supprted on the new ipod and i wont havet to spend 10 hours conveting a video…some one answer this for me! please

  23. Will the 60GB version run/load things significantly faster than the 30GB version, if the relative memory capacity is less occupied?

  24. You can use the Air Click with the new iPod (The one that goes on the bottom of the iPod) But I don’t know about a wired one…

  25. Is there any reason why the 5G iPod video capability cannot be added to 4G iPod Photos? I know the screen sizes are slightly different but that should not be a major problem?

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