Tracking Changes in Word Docs on iPad

Q: Are there any iPad apps that allow me to read existing tracked changes on MS Word docs and/or add my own tracked changes to MS Word docs? Such a capability is critical to
most business users.

– Ian

A: Sadly while there are some very good word processing apps for the iPad, the ability to view revisions and track changes is currently a glaring omission in all of them.

Two of the most popular apps for viewing and editing MS Word documents are Documents To Go by DataViz and QuickOffice Connect Mobile Suite by QuickOffice. For Documents to Go you can send a feature request in to DataViz at

QuickOffice has an idea submission site where users can vote for features and enhancements, and support for track changes has already been suggested and can be voted on here.

Although there are not yet any solutions for tracking changes in MS Word documents, there are several apps such as iAnnotate PDF that allow you to work with annotations in PDF files, which could be a potential workaround depending on your specific situation.