Tracks missing when browsing via “Artist”


Q: Some artist names are not showing up on my iPod even though associated songs are there. This has happened for music imported from CD as well as music purchased on iTunes. The problem this creates is that I can’t sort music for these artists on the iPod.  What can I do to fix the problem?

– Scott

A: If the songs have actually been successfully transferred to the iPod (if they are visible in the iPod’s “Songs” menu), then the only explanation we’re aware of for them being absent from the “Artists” menu has two parts:

1) The songs are tagged as being “Part of a Compilation”
2) The iPod’s “Compilations” setting, found in “Settings → Compilations,” is set to “On.”

One quick way to verify this is to browse on the iPod to “Music → Compilations.” If this is the problem, you’ll find your missing songs, grouped by album, in this menu.

There are two ways to fix this problem. If you don’t plan on using the feature, you can turn off the iPod’s “Compilations” display entirely using the appropriate “Settings” option. Or, if you do, you can tag the affected tracks using iTunes’ “Get Info” window to remove the “Part of compilation” flag from each of them.

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