Transfer from a Mac-formatted iPod in Windows Vista

Q: All of my music is on a Mac formatted iPod video and I have no backup besides what is on the iPod itself. I recently got a new PC running Windows Vista Home Premium). I need to convert my iPod without losing songs and then move them to the PC.

I’ve tried MacOpener/Ephpod without success. It seems like the obstacle here is conversion from Mac to Windows. Any advice you can give me on how to best do this would be appreciated.

– Sage

A: Actually, not only is MacOpener not supported under Windows Vista, but the product itself has actually been discontinued. The recommended alternative to this is now MediaFour’s MacDrive, which is supported under Vista as well as Windows XP.

MacDrive itself supports not only the iPod, but actually any Mac-formatted disk (which is essentially all that a Mac-formatted iPod is as far as Windows is concerned).