Transferring albums to iPod easily

Q: I like to manually manage my iPod’s music. To help me in transferring full albums to my iPod manually, I’ve added each album into its own manual playlist. This works OK, but as you can guess, I have way too many playlists, and my work seems a bit redundant.

Is there a better way to easily transfer a whole albums’ worth of tracks, without manually highlighting each block of tracks manually?

– Thomas

A: There’s absolutely no reason for you to manually collect tracks into albums as playlists for this purpose, since iTunes provides several options for dragging whole albums at once without selecting the tracks:

First, you can use iTunes’ Browse function, and drag the Album names from the right column directly into playlists, or an iPod. Access it by pressing the “eye” icon in the bottom right corner of iTunes’ main window.

A new, much more visual alternative is iTunes’ new “Cover Flow” and album artwork listing views introduced in iTunes 7.

Here, you can simply drag the artwork that’s displayed in iTunes to the source column to either create a new playlist or add the tracks to your iPod.

Whichever method you choose, you won’t need to create endless numbers of playlists. Enjoy!