Transferring apps from iPad to iPod touch

Q: I have an iPad and I bought a lot of apps on it. Is there a way to put those apps on my iPod touch? Both devices are using the same iTunes Store account.

– Gwen

A: Provided the applications are compatible with the iPod touch you can transfer them to your iPod touch by syncing both devices with your iTunes library. Assuming that you’re logged into your iTunes Store account when syncing your iPad any applications on your device should automatically synchronize back to your iTunes library. You can also manually initiate this process by connecting your iPad and choosing “Transfer Purchases” from the File menu in iTunes.

Once the applications are back in your iTunes library you can then sync them to your iPod touch in the same manner as any other application by selecting them on the “Apps” tab in your iPod’s sync settings in iTunes.

Note that applications designed specifically for the iPad are not necessarily compatible with the iPod touch unless they are “universal” apps designed for both platforms. Any applications that you’ve purchased that are designed to run only on the iPad will not appear in the “Apps” listing in iTunes for your iPod touch. You can identify these apps by selecting the application in iTunes from the “Apps” section and choosing File, Get Info. The summary page for the app will indicate which devices the app is designed for: iPad, iPhone/iPod touch or iPhone/iPod touch/iPad.

Transferring apps from iPad to iPod touch

Note that if you don’t have an iTunes library available to sync with you can also re-download the apps on your iPod touch directly through the App Store on your device. Any applications that you’ve already purchased can be downloaded from the App Store again at no additional charge—simply tap the “Buy” button and you will be notified that you have already purchased the app and asked if you want to download it again.


Transferring apps from iPad to iPod touch


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