Transferring audiobooks to iPod

Q: I purchased an audiobook and it shows on my computer under purchases but won’t sync to my iPod. I connect the iPod to my computer using a cable with a USB port. Also how do I eject before disconnecting? What am I supposed to “eject?”

– Vince

A: With more recent versions of iTunes, audiobooks now synchronize from a separate settings panel within iTunes. If you connect your iPod and select it in the Devices list, you should see an “Books” category at the top of the iPod settings screen. From this screen you can choose to either synchronize all audiobooks to your iPod or select specific audiobooks and parts for synchronization.

Regarding ejecting, traditional iPod models such as the iPod classic and iPod nano appear to your computer as removable storage devices, in the same way that a USB hard drive or memory key would. As with these other devices, it is important to eject the iPod so that the operating system knows to finishing writing any pending files and ensure that the device is ready to be disconnected. Unless you have enabled the “Manually manage music and videos” or “Enable Disk Use” settings for your iPod, iTunes should automatically eject your iPod as soon as it finished synchronization. If you are managing some of your content manually or have enabled disk use, you will need to do this yourself by clicking the small eject button that appears to the right of your iPod in the iTunes Devices list.


Transferring audiobooks to iPod



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