Transferring contacts from iPod touch to a second computer

Q: How can I download my contact list from my iPod touch to a second computer?

– Leslie

Transferring contacts from iPod touch to a second computer

A: Unless you have jailbroken your iPod touch, there is no way to get at the contact list on the iPod except through the normal iTunes or MobileMe synchronization process.

If you’re synchronizing your contacts via iTunes, however, and you have iTunes on the second computer, you can simply connect your iPod to that computer and configure the synchronization to your address book like you normally would.

Although you cannot synchronize your music and video content to or from more than one computer, iTunes does allow you to synchronize your contact, calendar and bookmark information back from your iPod touch or iPhone to another iTunes library, provided you want to sync it with a compatible application such as Microsoft Outlook, Windows Address Book or the Mac OS X Address Book.

When you connect your iPod touch to iTunes on a new computer and configure address book synchronization, iTunes will notify you that you already have content on your iPod touch from another computer, and ask you whether you want to replace the information on your iPod with the information on that computer, or merge the info from both the computer and the iPod touch.

Transferring contacts from iPod touch to a second computer

Choosing “Merge Info” will copy your contact information from the iPod touch into the address book application on the second computer, and any information in the address book on the second computer will also be added to the iPod touch.