Transferring HD video from iPhone 4S to a computer

Q: I recently purchased an iPhone 4S and used the video camera feature for the first time this last weekend. Is there a way to transfer this lengthy video to the external hard drive of my PC so as to free up memory on my iPhone? Any assistance you can provide is greatly appreciated!

– Brad

A: When connecting your iPhone 4S to your computer via USB, it should appear as an external digital camera, in much the same way any other camera would. In a default configuration, this usually results in launching some application or process (e.g. Windows Scanner and Camera Wizard) to offer to import your photos and videos. However, if you have used other digital cameras or installed certain software this default behaviour may have been disabled.

Even in the event that the default prompts do not appear, you should still be able to access the iPhone Camera Roll on Windows by open your My Computer window and choosing it from the devices at the bottom or, if you’re on a Mac, using the Image Capture utility.


Transferring HD video from iPhone 4S to a computer

You can also use any number of third-party apps designed to import photos and videos from a digital camera to your computer. Note, however, that such apps must specifically support videos in addition to photos, or you amy end up importing only your photos and leaving the videos behind.


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