Transferring large amounts of photos via iPod Camera Connector


Q: Hello, is it possible to transfer data into a 5G iPod without using a computer? I carry around a digital camera along with a 2GB SD card, and I want to know if I can move its JPEG image files into my 30GB iPod while I’m on vacation and away from the computer. If so, I won’t need to buy extra SD cards or worry about taking too many photos.

– Matt

A: Officially, yes you can. In fact, Apple sells its iPod Camera Connector for this exact purpose. However, as we mentioned in our review, data transfer takes a fairly long time (expect a full 2GB card to take at least an hour and a half, depending on the camera and card you use). This problem is compounded by the fact that the Camera Connector’s usage of the Dock Connector port precludes the connection of a power source entirely, draining your iPod’s battery as it works to transfer your data in the field.

As always, every user should weigh the cost and benefits for their own usage habits, but given that another 2GB SD card can be purchased for as little as $60 online, we’d probably simply purchase a spare rather than saving $30 and introducing long wait times into our photography workflow.

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