Transferring Music Store downloads

Jerrod H.
By Jerrod H.  - Contributing Editor

Q: I have dial up at home and, since 100MB downloads aren’t fun on such connections, I would like to download an episode of Lost using my work computer, and transfer it to my iPod. Is there a way to do this so that I can still keep all of my existing songs/videos on the iPod and only add the new episodes I have downloaded. Thank you!!!!

– Josh

A: If you’re using automatic synchronizing mode, than this won’t happen like you’re asking (direct to iPod), but yes – you can certainly download the file from work.

Since a single iPod can’t be managed by two computers when using automatic synchronizing mode, the best way to do this is to simply get the file home before attempting to put it in your iPod’s library.

Download the video from iTunes at work. Then, either burn it to a CD/DVD or place it on your iPod’s hard drive (using Disk Mode), bring it home, and add it to your iTunes Library.

Then, synchronize the iPod, and it will be as if you’d downloaded the file from your home computer.

Granted, if you were using manual synchronization mode, this may be easier, as you could drag the video directly to the iPod as you’re asking to do, but if it were us, we wouldn’t switch to this more cumbersome mode of operation just to enable this ability.

By Jerrod H. Contributing Editor
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