Transferring non-purchasd content to a new computer

Q: I’ve separated from my partner and I’m keeping the iPod (an 80GB iPod classic). It was originally registered in her name and I’ve downloaded iTunes and renamed the device and synced it but it’s only synced the music we had purchased; not all the songs that were ripped from CDs.

Is there a way I can transfer the songs that were from CD onto my new iTunes? Hoping you can help me.

– Felicity

A: As you’ve noticed, the “Transfer Purchases” option in iTunes automatically transfers everything that was purchased with any iTunes Store account that you’ve authorized on your computer.

iTunes does not, however, provide any method for transferring back any tracks that were not purchased from the iTunes Store.

Fortunately, a number of third-party utilities have been created to fill this void over the years and many of them make this process quite simple.