Transferring purchased apps from iPod touch

Q: I got an iPod touch for Christmas, the gifter lives in Vancouver and I live in Ontario. The gifter was kind enough to load the iPod touch with music, photos and apps. I purchased a new app but when I went to install it, I was told that I would lose all of the other apps on my iPod touch if I did the sync. Admittedly the apps on the iPod touch the gifter purchased and I did not. I’m looking for a way to download the apps to my computer and install the new apps and the existing ones back to my iPod touch.

– Rod

A: The only way you’re going to be able to get these applications transferred back into iTunes is to authorize your computer for the iTunes Store account that was originally used to purchase them. If you can get the person who bought them for you to provide you with their iTunes Store user name and password, you can authorize your computer for that account simply by choosing Authorize Computer from the Store menu in iTunes and entering the username and password.

Once authorized, iTunes should transfer the applications from the iPod touch back to your computer automatically and combine them with any other apps that you’ve purchased in your iTunes library. You can also do this manually by choosing Transfer Purchases from the File menu.

Note that the person who purchased the applications can change their iTunes Store password once you’ve authorized your computer for that account as the authorization itself is not in any way connected to the account password.

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