Q: I rented a movie from the new iTunes movie service, but I can’t seem to find where to copy it to my iPod. I see all my own movies in the listing on the iPod sync settings, but I can’t see my rented movie on that list. I even tried setting it to sync all my movies, but the rented movie still doesn’t show up on the iPod.


A: If you are not seeing the options in iTunes to manage your rented movies on your iPod, chances are that you have not yet applied the latest firmware update, or you are not using a compatible iPod model.

iTunes Movie Rentals are only compatible with the 2007 iPod models—the iPod classic, iPod nano, iPod touch and iPhone, using the latest firmware versions. These firmware versions are v1.1 for the iPod classic and nano, and v1.1.3 for the iPod touch and iPhone.

If you are using one of these iPod models and still not seeing the options to transfer rented movies, ensure that you have downloaded and applied the latest firmware update by selecting your iPod in the iTunes source list and choosing “Check for Updates” from the “Summary” tab.

Note that the fifth-generation iPod does not support iTunes movie rentals at this time, although it would certainly be possible for Apple to add this functionality via a firmware update for these older iPod models.

See our Secrets & Features of iTunes 7.6 article for more information on how the new movie rentals feature works in iTunes and on the iPod.


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