Transferring saved photos from iPod touch

Q: Why doesn’t my iPod automatically ask me if I want to sync my SAVED photos from my iPod to my iMac?

– Randy

A: Keep in mind that iTunes doesn’t handle the transfer of saved photos from your iPod to your computer. Instead, the iPod touch simply shows up to your iMac as a digital camera and applications such as iPhoto or Image Capture can be used to import photos from it in the same way as they would with other cameras.

To transfer your saved photos, simply open iPhoto or Image Capture and you should see your device listed in the Devices section.


Using the Snow Leopard version of Image Capture you can also choose an application to open automatically when you connect a given camera by choosing it from the drop-down menu in the bottom left corner.

Note that you will not be able to import photos if your device is locked with a password, so be sure to unlock it prior to connecting it to your iMac.



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