Transferring video from 5G nano to iPad


Q: I shot a video on my fifth-generation iPod nano. Is it possible to get it onto my iPad? It doesn’t show up on iTunes when I sync my iPod to my laptop and I didn’t see any options to sync or import videos when I synced my iPad. Thanks.

Transferring video from 5G nano to iPad

– Bernice

A: iTunes does not provide any means of transferring your recorded video video content from your iPod nano back to your computer. Instead, the iPod nano should simply show up on your computer as a digital camera and you can transfer your videos across using whatever photo management software your normally use, or by simply opening it through Windows Explorer or Mac OS X Finder if you don’t have a preferred photo application—look for a folder named DCIM if accessing your iPod nano through Windows Explorer or Finder.

Transferring video from 5G nano to iPad

If you’re a Mac user and are using the latest version of iPhoto or Aperture you can transfer your videos directly into iPhoto, and then sync them to your iPad along with your other photos. Simply ensure that the album or event containing the video in iPhoto is included in your iPad Photo sync settings in iTunes and make sure you’ve checked the “Include videos” option. The video will appear on your iPad in the Photos application within the respective album and you can play it directly from there.


Transferring video from 5G nano to iPad

This also works in much the same way when syncing from a set of folders. Simply ensure the “Include videos” option is selected and then you can simply place the video in one of your photo folders or create a new folder within your photos area and the video will be synced along with your photos from your selected folders.

Alternatively, if you want the video to appear in the “Videos” app on the iPad, you will need to import it into iTunes as a Movie and then sync it in the same way as any other movie. In this case it will appear in the Videos app on the iPad under the “Movies” heading, alongside any actual theatrical movies you may be storing on your iPad.


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