Transferring video from iPod nano 5G


Q: I have a fifth-generation iPod nano and am wondering what the best way is to copy videos I take with the video camera to my computer? What can I actually do with those videos? Can I put them on a DVD? I think there are some format issues that I don’t understand and some software I might be in need of. Thank you for your help.

Transferring video from iPod nano 5G

– Laura

A: Videos recorded with the 5G iPod nano need to be transferred to your computer manually in Disk Mode rather than by using iTunes. To do this, you first need to enable Disk Mode on your iPod so that it will remain connected to your computer for long enough to access it with other software. You can enable Disk Mode on your iPod by connecting it to your computer and selecting it from the Devices listing in iTunes. A Summary screen should appear in the main panel: select the Enable Disk Use option and click the “Apply” button.

Transferring video from iPod nano 5G

Once Disk Use has been enabled, you can access your iPod nano through Windows Explorer where it should appear as an external hard drive. Your videos can be found under the DCIM folder and you can either just copy them off directly to view them on your computer using QuickTime or import them into a tool such as Windows Movie Maker if you want to edit them, save them in a different format or burn them to DVD. You can find more information in Apple’s Knowledgebase article on How to copy your recorded videos to a PC.



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