Transferring your iTunes library

Q: I am currently using iTunes 8.02 with an external hard drive. A year ago I went through moving my library from my hard drive to external without an issue. Now I’m running out of room on my current external, and I want to move to a bigger external. This time, however, I’m running into problems. I tried to use the same technique I used before to go from internal to external, but I can’t seem to get it to work. I went into my iTunes advanced preferences tab and checked off ‘Keep iTunes organized’ and ‘Copy files to iTunes Music folder when adding to library’ and then I changed the music folder to my new external drive. It allows the drive change, but does not copy all the music over to the new drive, as it had when I switched from internal to external. What am I missing here?

– Chris

A: You’re actually missing one step in the process. Changing the iTunes Music folder path simply tells iTunes to place anything new that you add into this folder from that point on, but you still need to transfer your existing content into this folder by using the Consolidate Library function. To add to the confusion, this has moved in iTunes 8, where it is now located under the File, Library menu instead of the Advanced menu.

See our tutorial on Transferring your iTunes Library for more specific information.

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