Tuning radio remote in 0.1 increments

Q: I just got an iPod Radio Remote for my iPod nano. It seems to work OK, but I can’t seem to tune to the “even stations” – those ending in .0, .2, .4, and so on. This is a problem here in Denmark, as one of the popular stations is located at 100.0. What do I do?

– Jan

A: Your iPod Radio Remote is using the “USA” region settings, which set the tuner to scan frequencies between 87.5FM and 107.9FM, in 0.2 Mhz increments—forcing “odd” frequencies only.

Since you’re in Denmark, you should change your Radio Remote’s region to “Europe,” allowing you to tune between 87.5FM and 108.0FM in 0.1 MHz increments. With this setting, you’ll be able to access the stations with even decimals. To change the region setting, toggle the “Radio Region” located setting in the iPod’s “Settings” menu when your Radio Remote is plugged in.

Tuning radio remote in 0.1 increments

For reference, the “Japan” region setting tunes between 76.0 and 89.9FM in 0.1 MHz increments.

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