Turning off your iPod to save battery life

Q: I recently got an iPod mini and have noticed that when you press stop and then restart it the next day, it seems to have lost quite a bit of battery life. I have also noticed that when I stop it and then turn it on again in say 23 hours, it has essentially been on pause as it resumes.  Is that what eats up the battery?
– Maria

A: You can’t manually turn your iPod off.

When you press stop, or just let it go to sleep, it is waiting for you, like an obedient pet, to come back and turn it on again. After 48 hours, it automatically turns off; you’ll notice that if you leave it off that long, when you press one of its buttons, it will start up completely, showing the Apple logo before displaying its menus.

But even when it is in this “deep sleep” mode, it uses some battery power, as its buttons await your commands. This is why you can start it up – the buttons need power to detect your actions, so the battery is always being used, even if it is just a tiny bit.