TV Dock compatibility

Q: I bought my husband the new 160 GB iPod classic for Christmas, and was wondering about the different models of the DLO Homedock Deluxe. Will any of these models work well with these new iPod classic? If they don’t, what are our options to play the music, photos and videos through our stereo system?

– Rhonda

A: Unfortunately, at this point almost no third-party iPod dock provides video output from the 2007 iPod models. (A notable exception is Bexy’s iMirror, which does, but is in the process of being revised to become bug-free with the new iPods.) Docks such as the DLO Homedock Deluxe will still provide audio output from the new iPod models, and may also support the on-TV menu features to browse your music library, but video output requires a new authentication chip that manufacturers have not yet been including in their accessories. We do expect to see some accessories showing up in the new year to provide this support, but at this point TV Output can only be provided with the Apple A/V Cables.

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