TV Docks for new iPod models


Q: The Home Dock Deluxe is not compatible with my new iPod classic. Are there any other docking devices that could display my music and movie library directly from my iPod classic to my TV?

– Youssef

A: Unfortunately, not at this time. The new iPod classic and iPod nano models now require a special Apple authentication chip in any connected accessories in order to enable the video output feature on the device itself. At this time, there are no third-party video accessories that have this necessary authentication chip support.

This new requirement means that manufacturers are going to need to redevelop their products to use the Apple authentication chips. It will therefore take third-party accessory manufacturers time to adapt to this new technology. We will hopefully see some compatible third-party accessories appearing very late this year and early in 2008.

Until such time as this happens, there are not any compatible iPod docks with on-TV menu support. Basic video playback can be enabled via the Apple Universal Dock, or by using an older video playback Dock Connector accessory and one of the workaround methods discussed in last week’s Ask iLounge column.

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