TV Out option missing in iOS 5

Q: I’ve noticed that since iOS 5 has been released that the TV-OUT option no longer appears under the settings menu. I am curious if anybody has figured out how to use the normal composite cables to connect with their TV and if so would they be kind enough to share the steps needed.

TV Out option missing in iOS 5

– Dave (via iLounge Forums)

A: The TV Out option is actually still there in iOS 5, but it’s been both moved to a different section in the Settings app and hidden away unless you have connected a compatible video cable to your device.

Once you connect the appropriate video adapter cable to the Dock Connector, the option can be found in the General section within the Settings app, where it will appear right below the iTunes Wi-Fi Sync option.

Note that the TV Out option only appears when connecting an analog video cable, such as the Apple Composite or Component AV Adapters; it will not appear when using the Apple Digital AV Adapter or the Apple VGA Adapter, as these cables do not require any additional settings. Note as well that not all third-party analog video cables will enable the TV Out option.