TV output and the new iPods


Q: Do the new iPod models support output to a TV? Will my existing AV output cables work, or do I need to buy new ones?

– Jon

A: Unfortunately, no. The new iPod models only seem to provide TV output through the Dock Connector interface, and require specific Dock Connector based accessories to provide TV output even in this mode.

The new iPod models do not appear to be support video output through the headphone jack as previous models did, and the “TV Out” option is now unavailable unless a compatible iPod accessory is connected to the iPod Dock Connector port.

As of Wednesday’s announcement, Apple is selling two new AV accessories for the iPod, supporting composite or component output. The existing Apple iPod Universal Dock also seems to enable this option, as does the iPod Hi-Fi (even though this device itself does not provide video output capabilities). It is not certain whether other accessories will provide video output through the Dock Connector or not.

Be sure to read our recent news article on this subject for more information.


Jesse Hollington

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