(Un)checking multiple tracks in iTunes at once

Q: I keep a playlist for updating my daughter’s iPod shuffle in iTunes. I have my iPod set to automatically synchronize all “Checked Songs.” Before I update my iPod, is there anyway to quickly “un-check��? the songs in her playlist, or do I have to uncheck each box one at a time? Thanks.

– Lorin

A: Multiple check-boxes can indeed be toggled at once. Simply hold down the Command key (on a Mac) or the Control key (on a PC) while clicking a single box.

Be careful, though. This will simultaneously toggle the checked status of all songs in the current playlist. If you accidentally do this while looking at your entire “Library,” you may accidentally lose a lot of checked status information, and you can’t “Undo” it. Always mass-check or mass-uncheck in a special playlist, even if you have to create one temporarily just for this purpose.

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