Unknown playlists in iTunes

Q:iTunes has a number of smart playlists I created, and three non-smart playlists – two of which I created and one named “Audio” that I did not create. What is this? My best guess: a place to move files I plan to burn to a CD.

Am I right, or is it something else?

– Pete

A: Actually, iTunes does not create an “Audio” playlist or any other standard playlists by default, so if you didn’t create this yourself then it may have been a third-party application such as an iTunes plug-in or iTunes utility. Keep in mind as well that it is easy to inadvertently create a new playlist when importing a CD, and if you had imported a CD named “Audio” that may also account for this playlist.

Although iTunes does require you to burn tracks to CD from a playlist, there is no special playlist used for this purpose; any playlist in your library—even a Smart Playlist or Genius Playlist—can be used to burn a CD.

In summary, this “Audio” playlist was not created by iTunes and unless you need this listing of tracks for some other reason you can feel free to delete it from your library with no adverse affects to iTunes itself.