Updating iPod Software with a slow connection

Q: I have a dial-up connection at home, and I’m having trouble with it. Every time I connect my iPod nano to the PC, I am asked if I want to update to version 1.1 of the iPod’s software.

When I try to do this, my 2-hour maximum connection period times out before the download is complete, the computer goes offline and I have to start all over again.

I’ve managed to update iTunes regularly by using my office ISDN connection, but I don’t have my iPod software on the office machine.

Is there any way I can complete a download over a time limited dial-up connection, or am I doomed forever to aging software?

– Debbie

A: Indeed, the iPod Software Updater packages have become prohibitively large for many, as Apple packages the firmware updates for every iPod ever in the same download, for simplicity.

Thankfully, however, downloading them from within iTunes is not your only option.