Using 4-pin Firewire ports


Q: I have a 3G iPod that uses Firewire for data connection. I recently purchased a Compaq laptop because it had a built-in Firewire port, but it’s tiny. The problem is that my iPod’s larger connector does not connect to this computer. How are these two versions of Firewire incompatible, and what can I do about it?

– Anonymous

A: The Firewire specification has two popular connectors: the larger connector found on the iPod’s cable has 6 pins, and the smaller connector on your laptop has 4. The two pins missing are the power pins – a second complication in your situation.

To solve the both the physical and power problems simultaneously, purchase the SiK FireJuice 4 for iPod w/ Dock Connector. This device is a cable that allows you to connect your iPod to a 4-Pin Firewire port, and also allows you to optionally “inject” the missing power into the iPod using Apple’s standard Firewire charger when doing large, battery-taxing file transfers.

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