Using albums in smart playlists

Using albums in smart playlists 1

Q: I would like to create a smart playlist of the 5 albums most recently added to my iTunes library. Is this possible?

– Joseph

A: Unfortunately, the capabilities Apple has given smart playlists are entirely based upon song properties; although songs in an album may have the same information in their “Album” fields, they’re still largely independent.

What does this mean for smart playlists? You simply can’t specify a number of albums that have been recently added to your library.

Our recommendation to approximate what you’re looking for is a rather unsatisfactory one: simply decide on an average number of songs, play time, or file space that 5 albums would occupy, and make your playlist that way. here are a few suggestions:

Using albums in smart playlists 2


Using albums in smart playlists 3


Using albums in smart playlists 4

And, as always, tell Apple what you’d like to see in future versions of iTunes here at their iTunes feedback website.

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