Using albums in smart playlists

Q: I would like to create a smart playlist of the 5 albums most recently added to my iTunes library. Is this possible?

– Joseph

A: Unfortunately, the capabilities Apple has given smart playlists are entirely based upon song properties; although songs in an album may have the same information in their “Album” fields, they’re still largely independent.

What does this mean for smart playlists? You simply can’t specify a number of albums that have been recently added to your library.

Our recommendation to approximate what you’re looking for is a rather unsatisfactory one: simply decide on an average number of songs, play time, or file space that 5 albums would occupy, and make your playlist that way. here are a few suggestions:


Using albums in smart playlists


Using albums in smart playlists

And, as always, tell Apple what you’d like to see in future versions of iTunes here at their iTunes feedback website.

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