Using an UK iPod in the US

Q: A friend recently replaced her 20GB iPod with a 40GB version and she’s giving me her old one. She’s from Europe and I live in the US.

Will I encounter any problems when trying to use this iPod? I know there must be some power conversion issues, I just don’t know how extensive they would be. Will there be computer computability concerns as well?

– Joe

A: The first problem you’ll have is using the AC adapter that came with the original European iPod, but you can buy a US adapter from Apple, or simply charge the iPod from your computer if you have a FireWire connector – or USB 2.0 connector if it’s a 4G iPod.

One other point: European iPods have a limited volume level compared to US models, so it may not sound as loud; though you shouldn’t play your iPod at its maximum volume anyway – you could damage your hearing. There are tools online to remove the “EU volume cap” if necessary for some specific application; a PC program is called euPOD Pro and a Mac one is VolumeBooster.