Using generic AV cables for iPod TV display

Q: I’m trying to display my iPod’s video output to my TV, and I can’t get it to work. A cable identical to Apple’s iPod AV Cable came with my camcorder, and I’m using it from the iPod’s headphone port as directed. I’m sure my TV Out settings, NTSC/PAL settings, and video encodings are all proper, yet all I see is fuzz. What’s going on?

– Fernando

A: Actually, your cable isn’t precisely identical to Apple’s official iPod AV Cable, regardless of how similar it looks. In their design, Apple decided to swap the electrical contacts of the Right (Red) and Video (Yellow) contacts relative to existing similar cables.

Thus, your cable should work as expected if you simply insert the cable’s red plug into your TV’s video port, and the yellow plug into the TV’s right-channel audio port. Our generic cable, included long ago with an analog Panasonic camcorder, works fine this way.

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