Using iPod with non-iTunes content

Q: How do I transfer my own music to my iPod? Do I have to go through iTunes and pay to use their system if I already have my own music? If so why did I waste my time buying it? I want my own music I’ve already purchased on CDs in my iPod!

– George

A: Some confusion arises from the fact that iTunes is both the name of the software application used to manage your music collection and your iPods and also the name of Apple’s online digital media store. Although you can access the iTunes Store through the iTunes software application, you most definitely do not need to purchase anything from the iTunes Store in order to use your iPod.

The iTunes software application can easily import your own CDs directly simply by putting them into your computer’s CD-ROM drive and clicking the import button, and you can also import any other MP3 or AAC files that you may already have on your computer or may have acquired from other sources.

In fact, you do not even technically need to use the iTunes application; there are a number of other applications available out there that can be used to manage your iPod’s content, although it’s definitely recommended that you give iTunes itself a try before deciding, since it’s the only solution available that supports all of the features of your iPod.

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