Using iTunes with a Creative MuVo

Q: Help! I love my iPod but want to use iTunes to manage my music on my Creative MuVo as well. Can I do this or do I need to use another method?

– Tim

A: There’s a little-known feature in the Mac version of iTunes remnant from much earlier revisions of the software—it actually works well with certain non-Apple MP3 players! Lucky for you, the MuVo happens to be one of them.

Simply plug in the MuVo, and it will appear in the iTunes’ “Source” column. To load it, simply drag MP3s from your iTunes Library right onto the MuVo icon:

At the bottom of iTunes’ window, the capacity indicator bar works as it does for an iPod:


Using iTunes with a Creative MuVo

In the bottom right of iTunes, the icon usually reserved for “iPod Preferences” changes into a lightning bolt, which will empty the player (music and data) for music use.


Using iTunes with a Creative MuVo

Granted, automatic synchronization isn’t supported – but on small devices, this isn’t much of a problem.

Finally, if you’re on a Windows PC, you’re out of luck, here. However, it remains very easy to load an MP3 player such as the MuVo, as they simply play files stored in their root directory. Simply drag MP3 files out of the main iTunes Library window and drop them into the MuVo’s hard disk letter in Windows Explorer. It’s not as pretty as the MuVo-iTunes interaction on a Mac, but it works!

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