Using Mac-formatted iPods with an XBOX 360


Q: I’m a Mac user and iPod addict, thinking about purchasing an XBOX 360 for gaming. I understand the XBOX can read an iPod, and use it for in-game soundtracks, but I worry: if a Windows PC can’t read a Mac-formatted iPod, can an XBOX 360?

– Shane

A: Indeed it can, without any problem. When plugged into an XBOX 360, a Mac-formatted (HFS+) iPod shows up in the XBOX’s media blade, and the console correctly parses its database, organizing music just as the iPod’s own menu does. To play unprotected AAC-encoded songs, you may need to download a small (200kb) plugin via XBOX live, but once this is complete, the XBOX should work as designed with your iPod, though it will never be able to play songs purchased from the iTunes Store.

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