Using old top-mounting accessories on 5G and nano


Q: I’m wondering if there is a product made for the nano and 5G iPod that allows you to hook up old accessories. For example, I have a Burton iPod Jacket. It cost me a load of money, and now that I have a new iPod I cannot use the jacket’s control features. As designed, it uses the remote port near a 3G or 4G’s headphone jack. Is there a product that allows this port to be translated into the dock connector?

– Anonymous

A: We typically aren’t able to give happy answers to users desiring backward compatibility, but as a matter of fact, accessories exactly like you describe are indeed on their way.

The first is the U-Link from Battery Technology Incorporated. While it hasn’t been made available for sale quite yet, we have published a very brief first look at the device here.

Second, we were just informed that Targus plans to release a similar adaptor soon. As with the U-Link, this is not yet available – slated for release in March 2006.

Though it’s useless in a Burton Amp Jacket, we should mention to our other readers that ABT’s new PowerJet appears to be a simple car charger, but comes with 9-pin to 30-pin conversion as a handy bonus. The PowerJet will reportedly ship later this month.

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