Using Start and End times with Apple TV


Q: Is it possible for the second-generation Apple TV to recognize custom start and end times for music videos that are set using iTunes? The first-generation Apple TV did this, yet the second-generation version plays the whole video from start to finish regardless of the settings in iTunes.

– Ryan

A: Despite the similar user interface, the second-generation Apple TV was effectively a completely new product under the hood, with a completely revamped operating system. As a result, many of the features that were included in the first-generation product have not yet made it to the new model. This includes both major features such as support for iTunes Extras and iTunes LP and numerous smaller features such as support for start and end times set in iTunes.

Apple has suggested that some of these features are still in the works for future updates, but it would definitely be a good idea to submit this as a bug report on Apple’s feedback page for the Apple TV at

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