Using the iPod as an alarm clock


Q: Does the iPod have a “snooze” function?

– Ed

A: While the iPod does include both an alarm and sleep timer function, there is no specific “snooze” function to postpone an alarm once it has sounded.

The iPod does include the ability to set multiple alarms, however, so depending upon your specific requirements this could be used in place of a snooze feature. In this case, you could simply setup one alarm to trigger at 6:45 in the morning, and a second alarm to trigger at 7:00 in the morning. You can then pause the iPod playback (or stop the beeping alarm) when the first one goes off, and wait for the second one.

You can even have different playlists for the different alarms, so your early alarm could be some more relaxing music (such as some smooth jazz) and then the second alarm could be something intended to get you out of bed.

To set up multiple alarms on the iPod, you basically need to set up multiple clocks. Each clock gets its own alarm settings. To do this, simply go into the Extras, Clocks menu, and add an additional clock, making sure that it’s set to the same time zone as your existing clock. You can then go into the new clock and set an additional alarm to go off at the appropriate time.

While this work-around may be fine for some applications, if you’re looking for a more ad-hoc solution, or simply want the satisfaction of having an actual snooze button to whack on those more difficult mornings, you may want to take a look at one of the many third-party iPod clock radio accessories that are available, such as the Philips AJ300D (iLounge rating: A-), XtremeMac Luna (iLounge rating: A-) or iHome iH8 (iLounge rating: B+). These accessories offer alarm settings that are independent of the alarm feature on the iPod itself, including most features found on standard clock-radios such as snooze and FM radio functions.

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