Using the iPod’s power adapter overseas


Q: Do I need a voltage converter in order to use Apple’s USB Power Adapter in Italy? Europe uses 220-240V source, and many American devices can be damaged if used directly with this voltage level.

If I don’t need the converter, will it matter if I use one anyway, just to be safe?

– Jack

A: Apple’s USB Power Adapter (and, in fact, the overwhelming majority of their power adapters) are fully compatible with European voltage sources, and will automatically switch between them. They are certified to work with:

  • 120V – 240V
  • 50Hz – 60Hz
  • 26VA – 38VA
  • However, what you will require is a replacement AC plug that will physically fit the power jacks in Europe. The AC plugs provided in this kit from Apple works for the iPod’s power adapter, and many other Apple products. If you can locate a physical plug adapter (no voltage conversion required) from another company, it will also work fine.

    To answer your final question, you’ll be fine if you choose to use a voltage converter anyway; your power adapter will simply revert to 120V power input, as if it were in the United States again.

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