Using the Voice Memo function

Q: I have accidentally deleted the voice memo function from my iPod nano. Can I download it back on to my iPod? If so, where?

– Joseph

A: You cannot actually delete the Voice Memo function from the iPod nano—it’s built in to the iPod firmware. However, the option for it is hidden unless a compatible voice recording accessory is connected to the iPod or there are voice memos still stored on the iPod itself.

Disconnecting your voice recorder when there are no voice memos stored on the iPod will result in the “Voice Memo” menu option disappearing until the voice recorder is reconnected. If there are voice recordings stored on your iPod, the “Voice Memo” option will remain shown, even without a voice recording accessory connected, however, once you erase all of the voice memos from the iPod, the option will also disappear until the voice recorder is reconnected. Basically, the iPod hides the option if you can’t actually use it.

Note that this behavior is slightly different on the older second-generation iPod nano and fifth-generation iPod—these models would leave the “Voice Memo” menu showing under the “Extras” menu once a voice recorder had initially been connected. The iPod classic and iPod nano (with video) on the other hand hide the menu option entirely if there is no voice recorder connected and no voice memos are stored on the device.

Simply reconnect the voice recording accessory and the menu option should reappear. If the menu option still does not reappear even with your voice recording accessory connected, it is possible that the iPod is not detecting the voice recording accessory properly. In this case either the accessory itself may be defective, or the problem may lie with the iPod. A reset and/or factory restore of the iPod may resolve this issue if the problem is on the iPod end. Otherwise you may want to try a different voice recording accessory and/or get your existing one replaced or repaired.

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