Using two iPods on a single computer

Q: I have a catalogue of music linked to my iPod classic. I am looking to purchase an iPod shuffle for Gym use. Can I run two iPods off a single iTunes library? Obviously I wish to add a small number of songs to the shuffle only. How can I do this?

– Gary

A: Yes, you can definitely run an iPod classic and an iPod shuffle from the same iTunes library. There’s not really any practical limit to the number of iPods you can connect to your iTunes library, and in fact you can even connect several iPods at the same time, with the only real limit in that case being the number of USB ports that you have available. iTunes will even simultaneously sync multiple iPods.

Using two iPods on a single computer

iTunes treats each iPod as its own distinct device with its own synchronization settings and preferences. This means that you can easily have a different selection of content on each of your iPods. In this case, you would continue managing your iPod classic in the same way as you currently do, and the iPod shuffle would show up as a new device. If you’re using a first or second-generation iPod shuffle you would manage the content on it either manually or via AutoFill. If you’re looking at a third-generation iPod shuffle you can choose to use manual management or AutoFill or you can alternatively choose to sync your music and playlists automatically.


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