Using two iPods on one computer

Q: I own a 30 GB iPod video and I want to purchase a 1GB iPod nano to be used with the Nike+ system. How does iTunes handle two iPods? Will I be able to put only selected songs on my nano and keep my video packed full of music and videos?

– Timothy

Using two iPods on one computer

A: Actually, iTunes handles multiple iPods remarkably well. Each iPod is configured separately, with its own independent sync preferences.

When you connect the second iPod, it simply appears in the iTunes source list as a unique device. You can even connect them both at the same time if you have sufficient USB connections available.

The normal iPod setup wizard will run to allow you to give the iPod a name (simply choose a unique name for the second iPod) and choose whether you want to sync content to it automatically or manually.

Once you’ve completed this stage, the iPod is otherwise configured in the same way as your existing iPod, except that the sync settings are unique to that particular iPod.

You could therefore choose to manage the second iPod completely manually by choosing the “Manually manage music” from the Summary tab, or choose to sync only selected playlists to your second iPod. You can even share some of the same playlists between both iPods, since they’re coming from the same iTunes library.