Using two iPods with the same library

Q: I have a 30G iPod and I just won an iPod shuffle. I have a library for each. Is there a way to put all my songs on both?

– Ronnie

Using two iPods with the same library

A: While you will obviously only be able to store as many songs on your iPod Shuffle as you can fit within the 1GB of space provided, you can sync them both to the same iTunes library to save you the trouble of having to manage two libraries.

Doing this is really just as simple as starting up iTunes with your main library selected and connecting the iPod Shuffle to it. If it’s a new iPod Shuffle, you will be taken through the normal setup wizard. If it’s been used with your other iTunes library already, you will be advised that you need to erase it in order to sync it to your present library.

Using two iPods with the same library

Once you’ve erased it, it should remain visible in your iTunes library, and you can just set it up as you normally would, either using auto-fill from your library or a selected playlist, or simply dragging any content you want on it from your iTunes library. Any settings for the iPod Shuffle will remain independent of the settings for your full-size iPod.

You can even connect both your Shuffle and 30GB at the same time.