Video docks for 5G iPod

Q: I want to buy a docking station that can be connected to my TV, so that I can watch videos and DVDs that are on my iPod. Which models/brands are compatible with my fifth-generation iPod?

– Kandra

A: The good news is that despite the confusion that surrounds video accessories with the newer iPod models such as the iPod classic, the fifth-generation iPod remains compatible with all of the iPod video accessories that are presently available, at least at the basic level of displaying your video output onto your TV.

Note that some of the more advanced features on the newer docks such as on-screen menu display may only work with the newer iPod models, but any iPod-compatible video dock should have no problem simply displaying your video output from your iPod, as the fifth-generation iPod models had no restrictions on video accessory compatibility—only the newer iPod models are locked down in this regard.

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