Videos not displaying on iPod

Jerrod H.
By Jerrod H. - Contributing Editor

Q: I had put video onto my 5G iPod a few days ago using your tutorials, but when I went to play any of them, all it did was show a small, static picture in the corner of the screen, showed the title, and played the sound!

– Edward

A: This one’s easy to fix – you’ve done everything correctly to get to this point, but there’s one setting you need to change on your iPod.

Currently, your iPod is set to use its TV-Out feature, enabling it to display the movie clips on a TV using either a video-capable dock or an A/V cable.

Since the iPod can only display a video using one screen at a time, the iPod’s screen is forced to show a music-like display.

By Jerrod H. Contributing Editor
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