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Q: I know this may sound sad to all of those in the know about iPods but this is my first. I have come to grips with transferring music files and playing them back but what I am still have problems with converting music videos. I can get the video film but there is no sound – I have gone through the whole conversion process but continue to have the same problem.

– Gail

Q: I have recently bought a 30 GB video iPod but when I sync videos to it they do not play sound only visual. I have converted file to iPod via the advanced menu in iTunes and the videos play fine in iTunes although the visual of the video opens in a separate iTunes window, can you help me?

– Jack

A: The most common cause of this particular problem is the way in which QuickTime handles multiplexed (or “muxed”) MPEG video files. When converting a video file using QuickTime that has both the audio and video tracks “multiplexed” into a single track, QuickTime is unable to convert the audio track properly, and the result is no sound. Since iTunes uses the QuickTime engine to perform video conversion operations, any MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 files that you feed into iTunes that happen to be “muxed” will result in this issue.

More specific information can be found in Apple’s Knowledge base, in the document titled, iPod plays video but not audio of some exported files.

The simplest solution to this is to use a different video conversion application for these files. In fact, since QuickTime’s performance is extremely slow compared to many of the other solutions available, there would certainly be a benefit to using a third-party conversion tool for all of your video conversion requirements.

Although there are a myriad of options out there, two popular tools for this purpose are Videora for Windows users, and iSquint for Mac users. You can find a more comprehensive description of the various tools and options available in our tutorial series on converting videos for the iPod, iPhone, and Apple TV:

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