Q: I have an Xbox 360: it allows me to listen to the iPod’s music during gameplay, which is neat. However, I’m also supposed to be able to browse my iPod’s photos on-screen, but I can’t get that feature to work. How do I set that up? Thanks!

– Kevin

A: By default, iTunes synchronizes photos to the iPod only in a proprietary format optimized for viewing on the iPod’s small screen. However, the Xbox 360 searches external devices for standard JPG images.

The good news is that iTunes can handle the synchronization of the original JPG images just as well as it can the iPod-viewable images. To enable this feature, plug in your iPod and open iTunes’ iPod Preferences. Then, open the “Photos” tab, and click the “Include full-resolution photos” check box.

Now, all of the original images from your computer’s photo collection will be stored in a directory structure beneath the iPod’s “Photos/Full Resolution” folder, where your Xbox 360 will easily be able to find them.


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