Viewing large text files on iPod

Q: I converted my Word files to Notepad files and drag it to the Notes folder as intructed in the manual. However, when I view the Notes in my iPod 5G 60GB, the converted files cannot be seen in its entirety. I checked and viewed the converted Notes files in the PC, the whole files or documents can be seen from there.

– Ida

A: Unfortunately, even though the iPod’s hard drive is capable of storing gigantic text files, the iPod is limited to viewing only the first 4KB (or roughly 4096 characters) of each note. To view a larger file, you’ll need to split the note into smaller, separate pieces.

The easiest way to do this on a Mac is with this note-making application we’ve created using Apple’s built-in Automator program. This will ask for a plain-text document, create a set of note files for your iPod (complete with “Previous” and “Next” page links!), and install them to a currently-connected iPod.

Viewing large text files on iPod

If you’re on a PC (or a Mac, really), check out this website-based utility that serves a similar purpose.

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