Viewing podcast info on iPod classic

Q: I would like to view detailed content of a particular podcast on my iPod classic (with wheel). I once inadvertently did something which allowed me to see more detailed information about a podcast than is flashed across when I select one. I have tried pressing the play button while the podcast is playing but that just gives me the option to “Add to On the Go” or to “Cancel”. I know how to get the detailed information from the program on the PC but I want to be able to do it while out-and-about on the iPod. Thank you!

– Juana

A: You need to actually start playing a podcast episode in order to see this information, but once the episode is playing, simply press the center “select” button on your iPod a few times and it will cycle through several screens including track position, rating information and podcast info.

Note that the podcast info is only displayed if the actual podcast track contains additional description information. If no podcast information is available, this screen is simply skipped.

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